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Smart. Skilled. Savvy.

Are you looking for a smart copywriter?

Lisa Capretto is more than just a talented writer. She is a conceptual copywriter who has directed content strategy and led editorial efforts in online marketing departments, dot-coms and magazines alike.

Whether she's introducing new editorial initiatives to a local blog or developing seasonal marketing campaigns for a national e-commerce site, Lisa is sharply focused on delivering content that speaks to her audience, achieves a client’s goals and helps take a company to the next level.

Having written for both print and the Web for five years, Lisa has B2C and B2B experience across a wide range of industries, from child care to finance to mobile technology. Brochures, press releases, eblasts, talking points for the Today Show, landing pages, articles for iVillage.com, banner ads, commercial scripts -- you name it, she’s done it... with the smarts, skills and sincerity to further your success.

lisacapretto(at)gmail(dot)com | 312.342.4142